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Thread: FS: Taurus 856 6-shot snubby 38

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    For sale: Taurus 856, blued, basic grip. Maybe 200 rounds thru it. Six shot, 2" barrel, 38 spl/+p/357mag. Includes 200 rounds of fmj/lead/hp .38 in plastic cases.

    Caveat: this gun has... isssues. Sent it back to Taurus once already because it was jamming (so much for "get a revolver, they never jam!). Got it back, worked ok for a while, now it's having issues again. I'm just sick of dealing with it. Taurus has a lifetime guarantee that covers all owners of the gun. They will pay to have it shipped back for service, and to return it. I figured I'd try offering it up here for someone who won't mind going thru the process. Need to get my wife a new carry gun pronto, and I need to sell this one to do so.

    Asking $200 including ammo, new ones sell for around $350
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    I'd like to take a look at it if you ever make it to the Everett area.

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    Call back and ask for Robert, He's the manager there, Tell him what has happened and tell him you would like to send it back for a replacement. He replaced my PT111. He even returned my call to verify it had shipped.

    Note: there is also a Robert that works in customer service, The other Robert is his manager.
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    I have a Taurus 85 that started acting up last year. It turned out to be the ejector rod assembly was unscrewing enough to cause problems. I finally had to use lock-tite to keep it together. It was the part with the left handed threads on it.
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