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Thread: Is Obama preparing for a Civil War?

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    A friend sent me this artical and it spooks me a little but doesn't surprise me.

    More and more i do see these things as something that I will or my children could definatley face in their lifetimes.

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    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our economy and our country is going to collapse. At some point soon, the American people will get tired of having their money stolen by the government for the promotion of national (and maybe global) socialism. However, I think the chance of a civil war beginning in early 2010 is nearly zero. Most of the people are sheep and it will take extreme pain and suffering to mobilize them. We're no where near that point now.

    The American military only has about 1.5 million people. So, when the article says that Obama has ordered the northern command to build to 1 million military personnel by January 2010, thatis simply ridiculous. Furthermore, the military leadership is mostly filled with patrioticAmericans who havesworn an oath to protect anddefend the constitution of the United States.As a former military officer myself, I have serious doubts that the USmilitarywill take up arms against their fellow citizens.

    So, while I firmly believe that the best days of the USA are behind us, I don't think civil war is imminent.

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