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I'd been trying to think of some way our community could let Meleanie's children know we are thinking about them at this time of year. I simply don't see the point of suggesting we send gifts, as the possibility of dozens of toys arriving didn't seem considerate to the family who has opened their home to Jenny and the kids. I also know Jenny is far too busy taking care of important things to try and keep a houseful of toys in order, or to spend the time keeping after the kids to do it.

Instead, I thought sending cards might be a fun, simple, and inexpensive way that we as a community could reach out, simply to let the kids know there are lots of folks thinking of them. I asked Jenny about the idea, and she gave her approval to the concept, and permission for me to post a mailing address here.

The cards need not be holiday ones. Choose (or make) one that a child would enjoy receiving. The children's names are Tyler, Isabella, and Dharma.

Cards can be mailed to:

Jenny Stanley
c/o Fritz
1218 Long Ln
Mount Joy, PA 17552 __________________
Donate to the trust fund for Meleanie Hain's children:
Belco Community Credit Union
ATTN: Jennie Witwer
201 Good Dr
Lancaster, PA 17603
Reference Acct. #882220
Please make checks payable to "Belco c/o Hain children"

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