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Thread: Erosion of the Bill of Rights.

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    I picked up this letter from the JPFO.

    Strong stuff.

    Go America!

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    Thanks. I imagine that most of us either subscribe or visit such good web sites as JPFO. Merry Christmas and Shalom Aleichem

    God damn the Obamination

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    I don't know exactly what to say or feel about this letter.

    All this talk of treason, allowing "foreign enemies" to burrow in our country, harboring criminals, etc, etc. I think it is all misguided poppycock.

    I will point out a time when even Jews were turned away from this country because they were feared or hated. They were driven out of areas all over Europe in the 1930's and few countries would take them.

    And where did tihs delusion that politicians were elected to SERVE anyone? That is like saying policeman Protect and Serve citizens, which is not true, the protect and serve the law. Politicians are in place to run and regulate government. As private citizens, outside of common law and written law in our respective cities, counties, states, territories, and districts, you can do WHAT EVER YOU WANT.

    I am not denying that our Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of the Constitution are in danger, they always have been and are always challenged or interpreted in different ways.

    I would like to know what personal freedoms have been waining rapidly that haven't already since this country was formed.

    Sure, we're fighting against various levels of government trying to limit our gun rights.... that is nothing new and began a long time ago. Ok, taxation is another problem.... nothing new. At least this time we can't say we're not being represented, we are, we hold elections and people go to them and vote.

    God damn the Obamination? Foolish, not entirely his fault yet. Try every president, congress, and senate before him. He's got another three more years to add to the carnage. If you're going to damn something, damn the whole nation including our forefathers.

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