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Thread: Carrying a handgun "taken down" in a vehicle

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    750.227d Transporting or possessing firearm in or upon motor vehicle or self-propelled vehicle designed for land travel; conditions; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.

    Sec. 227d.

    (1) Except as otherwise permitted by law, a person shall not transport or possess in or upon a motor vehicle or any self-propelled vehicle designed for land travel a firearm,
    other than a pistol, unless the firearm is unloaded and is 1 or more of the following:

    (a) Taken down.

    (b) Enclosed in a case.

    (c) Carried in the trunk of the vehicle.

    Would that mean you can or cannot carry a pistol taken down, or disassembled? I'm thinking it means it applies to long guns only.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    It applies to all firearms (defined in Michigan) except for pistols. The "other than a pistol" that is seen quite often within the firearm statues, simply means to direct the reader to statues that apply to pistols.

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