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Thread: Moving To Montana

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    Hello I am already a member in (Washington) But I'll be moveing over their in march What are the laws about OC/CC in washington their calld RCW (revised code of Washington) where can I find them over their? Thanks alot.

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    Firearm related is in 45-8-3xx

    Can't carry in a place that serves alcohol for on premise consumption.

    To carry concealed within the limits of a town or city you need a permit. If you are not in a town or city no permit required. Also concealed carry is considered 'on your person' so having a gun in a purse or 'off body' is not considered CC.

    OC no permit required.
    I don't think MT has full preemption or it wasn't grandfathered, there may be some local laws you should be aware of.

    I am not sure about car carry.

    Montana guys can give better info than me.

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    You cannot carry a firearm in a place where alcohol is sold, dispensed and consumed in the same room.

    No restrictions on vehicle carry.

    No restrictions on Open Carry aside from the fact that you cannot carry in any Government building/office, school or other such place as that.

    That's about all the pertinent stuff I can think of. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask here or you can PM me! I'll sure do my best to answer them for you!! My main hobby here in Montana, aside from shooting, is studying and keeping up to date on all laws that bear significance to the legal and lawful carry of a firearm by Law-Abiding Citizens!
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