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Thread: Confused about non-resident CCW

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    Just received my third Nevada CCW renewal and I am confused by the letter I received with the permit. It says that registration is not required for non-residents but residents must have blue cards for the guns they carry.

    Obviously I can carry any revolver (since I qualified with one), but the letter made it sound like non-residents can carry any gun. It would make more sense considering that out of state reciprical permits don't have the qualification requirement. Can I carry any gun I want with my non-resident permit? Or only revolvers and the semi-autos on my permit?


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    Two different things. In addition to a CCW permit, a resident of Clark County must ALSO have registered any pistols they carry concealed. And while a CCW is not required to OC, residents are still required to have their pistols registered.

    As a nonresident, you can safely ignore whatever they're saying about registration. However, to legally carry a concealed firearm in Nevada, the weapon must be listed on your CCW.


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