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    My bosses wife just bought herslf a Taurus PT25 semi-auto that is a top break . She was picking up a shotgun for a christmas present for some oneelse and the dealer had this little pistol that she liked. I've never seen one like this. Appears to be a DA only and the barrel rotates up in the rear to expose the chamber for loading one in the pipe. No need to rack the slide on this one, which is something she has a problem with on semi-autos.

    Any one have any experience with these little pocket pistols?

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    Sorry this never got replied to... I'll try my best.

    I checked out one of those recently, but I haven't fired it. It felt nice, and I'd imagine it would shoot and function reasonably well. The grip seemed larger than necessary, but not a huge deal.

    I have fired a similar-ish pocket .25 auto. I was surprised, the accuracy was pretty decent. I'm no crack shot, but I could put together minute of grapefruit or better groups at 25 feet. I figure if I can hit a 12 oz can at that distance with something so small and short, that should be good enough. The DA trigger on that one is a bit tough to be super accurate with, but possible.

    If you are comparing to a .22LR, they are very similar ballistically from such short barrels, as I understand. The .25 should be a bit more reliable for feeding, ignition, and extraction, as opposed to the same model in .22LR, although it may not be by a huge margin. I don't know this for absolute certain, I am only estimating.

    Not a gun you would probably ever choose to go into a fight with, but it would be better than nothing if your life was on the line.

    .25ACP is a bit too expensive to be practical to really plink with IMO.

    Many may tell you not to use such a small caliber, and they may well be justified in some sense. But if that is all she is able to carry...

    Also, don't be fooled by the diminutive bullet it fires... If used correctly, it can be effective. The biggest mistake would be underestimating being hit with one.

    Might as well use FMJ ammo, since they are not terribly penetrative.

    Others say that body shots are less effective than shots to the head in defensive situations (with the .25), and I would wager that the .25 would work better if used that way.

    Well, for what it's worth, there ya go.

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