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Thread: Open Carry Loaded or Unloaded

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    I understand that Kansans' open carry rights are regulated by cities. However, I haven't found whether I can open carry while loaded or whether the weapon has to be unloaded.

    I saw a few videos on youtube where everyone carried their gun on one hip and a loaded clip on the other (both clearly visible). However, I believe the video was recorded in California.

    Do we Kansans have to keep our guns unloaded? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having a quickly accessible means of self defense?

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    As a resident of Missouri, I am no expert on Kansas law. Please do not take anything I say to be legal advice.

    Now that I have disclaimed any perameters as to my legal authority, please allow me to exercise my common sense authority. Whether this has anything to do with law is irrellevant. It is merely my opinion and should be taken that way.

    What is the point of carrying an unloaded firearm?

    Without bullets, it is unable to be used for it's intended purpose: To propell a chunk of metal at a high velocity. Without this chunk of metal inside your firearm, it is physically unable to be puked out the end of the barrel.

    Without bullets, your gun is very similar to a snow globe, Christmas tree ornament, Playboy centerfold, diamond ring, or hunk of tasty cheese: Very nice to look at, but unable to propell a chunk of metal at a high velocity.

    Without bullets, your gun does not protect your life. It merely appears to be able to do so. Much more dangerous than even being unarmed as you will be more of a target, but a target with the same capability as an unarmed person.....roughly the same as a person carrying a hunk of tasty cheese: Unable to shoot back.

    Therefore I'm merely speculating that Kansas law would encompass being able to carry a loaded gun, as an unloaded gun has no purpose whatsoever other than to make a person more likely to be shot in a dangerous situation.

    Take no legal advice from my response, but please take some common sense advice from it. If Kansas law does turn out to prohibit openly carrying a loaded gun, you'd be better served by obtaining a permit and carrying concealed as the gun would then be able to be loaded and actually useful in saving your life.

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    There is no rule per Kansas OC law stating you have to carry unloaded.

    You may carry loaded unless regulated by the city or county. Theoretically municipalities could require unloaded open carry.

    Kansas really needs state preemption on OC to protect us. Our law needs to be uniform.

    FYI our concealed carry laws are fully preempted and totally trump all city weapons ordinances.

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