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    As a new member to this forum I would like to thank each and every one of you for exercising their rights as an American citizen. After spending 28 years in the military I feel this group is what America is really about. I have spent about 4 days reading the forum back to about page 80. A lot of good info. I applaud you all. I think this group has the ability to transform the public thinking about this country’s direction. No I’m not a LEO. No, I’m not in love with cops, even though I have several friends that are. I always try to remain “user friendly” but at the same time I’m not giving up any rights.

    Having said that I would like to give some unsolicited observations that apply to some.

    Your rights also come with a lot of responsibilities. If one posts a question for example what is use of force, what does that tell me about you? Long before anybody straps on any tool that can do bodily harm, learn about your rights and your responsibilities. I thought the object is to protect lives and not go to court as “The Defendant”. Wouldn’t it be great if some uninformed person called 911 and the dispatched could say “I understand the man has a gun, he is what we call an “outside carry”, he is within his rights and you should be glad we have citizens that are willing to spend the money and time and training to protect himself and maybe you someday.

    Proactive vs Reactive. I think your group could make major inroads into the average John Q public thinking, if your organization could have more positive interaction. Try to get some positive news coverage. Or maybe either through you folks willing to interact with LEO’s or vice versa: somehow; such as inviting LEO’s to you’re functions or maybe making a DVD about your group and what it is about. Then providing the LEO’s with it so they could see your point of view in a non-threatening position. Verses LE being dispatched to a “man with a gun” call. Every group has their 10% goof offs, Cops and OCers, how long do to you think it will be before “super cop” and a “OCer” have a fatal run in? Will that better your groups position? What do you think the news coverage will be about that? Turn your actions positive in the public eyes by standing up for your rights in a manner that is consistent with your responsibilities. Notice how some members have positive interactions with LEO and others have negative? I have to wonder what did the positive members did that created a situation that made the interaction positive? Why is it some members end up BSing with LE and other members in up in cuffs? Sometimes I know it is the “super cop”, but not very often if you connect some dots.

    Within the last 2 or 3 months five cops have been gunned down doing their job in the Sea-Tac area. LEO are advertizing on the back of buses for help. Most criminals are serving 3/5 of their jail time and being kicked out back on the street. What does that tell you? What do you think a cop is thinking when he is pulling up on a “man with a gun” call?

    I’m pissed off just as much as you are. I’ve spent 28 years defending this country. A lot of people have died all in all parts of the world defeating communism [/b]and socialism just to have it elected in our own country. No, I’m not giving up any of my rights.

    OK, I only proof read once. Maybe a new member should not give his opinion or maybe I don’t think like some of your members. Go ahead blast away at me. I can take it. I can see where some of you might think I’m a troll. But I think this post is on topic even though, yes it is inflammatory to some.

    OK, I only proof read once. Maybe a new member should not give his opinion or maybe I don’t think like some of your members. Go ahead blast away at me. I can take it. I can see where some of you might think I’m a troll. But I think this post is on topic even though, yes it is inflammatory to some. I see no benefit with cops having to approach someone with a gun that is within the law just because someone didn’t like it. I do however see a lot of benefit to the public that oc makes one more level of protection. Of course that perception will only be earned.

    For example of perception

    Last week when I was at Fred Myers or Staples in Burien (can’t remember which). I was just looking around for gifts and a guy caught my eye. At first I thought it was a big cell phone. Upon closer inspection I saw it was a pistol. My first thought was great that guy is not dressed like a druggie or “nut job” if there is any trouble in this place. I’m behind that guy all the way. Then driving home I tried to think when was the last time I saw somebody with a pistol on. The whole experience made me think maybe there is hope for this country.


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    Welcome to OCDO.

    I agree, you should proof read a little better.

    If you dig a little deeper into the sight, you will likely find exactly what you've recommended as far as Proactive vs. Reactive. Most, if not all states, have groups that do or have done this already.

    This site is a conglomeration of opinions from anyone who feels a need to chime in. I would not go as far to call the members of this forum an organization persay.

    You will most likely find that people here don't always have good reactions from LEOs when pertains to an OCing public. That is not to say that in some counties, parishes, or states, there doesn't exist a LEO who agrees with OC. It just shows that most of us would agree that LEOs in general don't want the average person walking around with a gun on his hip.

    Trying to have LEOs involved in the OC movement is much easier said than done. Have you ever asked a LEO what his thoughts are on OC?
    I have as a few BRPD officers here and their response is all more or less, "No, don't do it" or "why would you want to do something that stupid?"

    Here in LA it's completely legal, except where prohibited by some state, local, or federal law. Most everywhere is legal here unless you're in a school zone or bar. But I'm sure if someone called 911 or a LEO spotted someone with a firearm on their hip, it wouldn't be a simple smile and nod. Instead it would more likely be a 45 minute to multi-day event. Detained, disarmed, questioned, background check, and possible arrested due to an aggitated individual for being held up for nothing and likely provoked into aggitation by the LEO or LEOs who have no clue or don't care about the law.

    This is not to be misunderstood as flaming LEOs, but more a revelation and reaction to your perceived idea that simply asking LEOs to be involved would help.

    P.S. This is not the proper place to post this. I would probably move it to the General Discussion section or similar section.

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    Hello there! I am a veteran myself, and am always happy to see another veteran join any forum I frequent. Unfortunately, I do not agree with the recently revealing, limited scope of support for what the site truly stands for, but I remain to try and do some good anyways!

    So which branch? What MOS (28 years? You have a primary and secondary for sure lol!)

    You must have been at least a Sergeant Major or Colonel+.

    Great insights by the way. There are a lot of ways that productivity could be increased on the educational front. There have been a few threads about the unfortunate law enforcement officer incidents in the Washington portion of the forum as well. Might be a good read! :celebrate
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    Here in Tidewater Virginia we have started inviting the local sheriff to our OC dinners. So far the York County sheriff attended with his wife and had a great time. We plan to invite the Newport News sheriff in the near future and I have invited Rob Whittman our congressman to attend an OC dinner in his district.

    Try to find/attend one of your local OC dinners. It is a great way to meet the other OC-ers and swap stories etc. Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to OCDO, pat.

    Where you from?

    As has been stated already, if you do more reading here you'll find that we have had some positive publicity about OC, although it may not always be obvious.

    As you know, it's a hard row to hoe to prevent the anti-gun media from spinning good actions into negatives.

    Here in Tennessee, I've yet to have a negative encounter with LEO and have not been harassed one time for OC. Encounters with other citizens have been positive as well. I always take the opportunity to answer inquisitive people about the legality of OC (or just carrying, period), with most everyone I talk to becoming interested in carrying themselves.

    Restoring our gun rights to what they once were in this country is going to be a long and arduous process. We'll need patience and perseverance to prevail, but we'll get there.

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    Welcome Pat. No need to think we're going to pounce on you for being new to the forum. Come with your ideas and opinions. That is why OCDO was created, just don't beceome uncivil, you're doing fine so far!

    As for your post. Well, I just want to point out that LEO's are not the only people being killed by criminals. They, as we have, must realize how we feel. Police are not the only ones getting ambushed by gunmen, in fact, civilians are most at risk. They [civilians] are usually unarmed, unassuming, and flat out vulnerable and all thanks to strict gun laws on when and where firearms are allowed to be carried.

    Post on Pat, post on.

    To Hell With Not Being Armed

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    Hey Pat take a look at the Michigan sub forum... we have had some pretty good success with public events and getting good press... We also have formed a Non profit called Michigan Open Carry Inc. to help organize the folks in MI and to have one voice and be able to rally the troops so to speak when we are having problems in a certain area or need to support a fellow OCer that is challenging local laws and ordinances that run counter to state preemption.

    This group has a paid membership and elects it's leaders. Each state does things differently as they all have slightly diff laws to contend with... this is just what we have found works!

    And welcome :celebrate
    Anything I post may be my opinion and not the law... you are responsible to do your own verification.

    Blackstone (1753-1765) maintains that "the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."

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    nice to see some happy news around here.

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