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Thread: Sig 556 vs. Robinson XCR

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    I like the design on both rifles but never shot them, have shot a FN FAL though the XCR is like that, Not so keen on the new SIG 556 lower side folder. but which one should last longer I'm looking for a good rifle that'll last 15 or so years without major repaires, Oh I only shoot 1 30 round mag out mf my AR a month just to maintain picking out targets so I won't be shooting it all the time.

    Also the Sig 556 is going for 1,800, and the XCR is at 1,700 where I'm at not that much in price.

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    Both look very good. The SIG is front heavy but the XCR allows conversions to different calibers (just swap out the upper).

    Choices... choices.

    Good luck!
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    While you cant go wrong with a Sig, if it were me, I would pick the Robinson as I like a sleeker look and feel to my AR types. The Sig is a bit "built up" and heavy for my liking.

    Plus, as was mentioned before, the XCR is more modular than the Sig.

    You can find both for a bit cheaper than 17 and 18 hundred.

    Take a look and do a search on

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    I've also heard some horror stories about the Sig and it's stock magazine not wanting to feed properly.

    I love Sig's but I probably won't buy their 556.
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    I waited and waited and waited for the SIG to make its appearance back when. It kept getting delayed so I bought the XCR.

    The XCR is what the SIG was supposed to be, a multi caliber modular system.

    The XCR has been refined some since the early one I bought. The few screws that want to back out are now locktited, the gas system is finger adjustable and there is a better trigger now.

    I would not hesitate to reccomend the XCR, but, make sure you follow the break in instructions to the letter.

    SIG is now getting into the AR game with the SIG 516.

    Read through this forum and it may help you make up your mind.


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