View Poll Results: How many are former LEO or Military?

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  • Are you retired Military?

    51 8.60%
  • Are you former Military?

    191 32.21%
  • Are you current Military?

    77 12.98%
  • Are you retired LEO?

    11 1.85%
  • Are you former LEO?

    20 3.37%
  • Are you current LEO

    16 2.70%
  • Are you none of the above?

    227 38.28%
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Thread: How many out their are former LEO, Military or just a regular citizen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoryRed View Post
    Army, 4 years active, 10 national guard

    I have always enjoyed shooting and miss the marksmanship team
    Welcome to the forum, RoryRed!

    Your military service to our nation is deeply appreciated.
    Proud Veteran ~ U.S. Army / Army Reserve

    Mississippi State Guard ~ Honorably Retired

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC for ME View Post
    If you do not have kids, join. It is all up to him after that.

    If he doesn't support you, there will be no 'if' regarding divorce. If he does support you, bonus.

    If you have kids it is a much more difficult decision.

    No kids.
    It has been made very clear that enlistment is a deal breaker for him. That is a position I wholeheartedly understand and will continue to actively respect. :-) It's a non-issue, thank goodness.

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    Active Duty 10 1/2 years Silent Service, and supporter and protector for a family of 5.

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    U.S. Army 07-11

    Army 07-11, Mostly psychological work. Iraq, Afghan vet. looking into possible LEO work. I don't think that makes much of a difference when it comes to patriotism or weapons proficiency though. A persons mind is the first line of defense, everything else follows.
    T.V. brings on a whole new meaning to thinking inside the box.


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