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Thread: Today.....Christma open carry.

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    In Elizabethtown Five Star on 31 E by court circle.

    Stopped to get some goodies....E'Town cop car outside, cop just inside door. Walked past and we both nodded. I have a Glock 21 in a Fobus paddle on my right hip.

    Got my goodies, no problem with very sweet clerk.....cop outside and we greeted again. I went south and he went north.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Good to hear. I had no problems either from Floyd Co. into Stanton where I re-fueled, then on into Lexington. Smooth sailing on the run down. On the Christmas Day 1 a.m. return trip I stooped off at Exit 96A, Van Meter Rd., I believe. I stopped to pick up some No Doz, water, and snack food for the return trip. The clerk noticed the SIG P-229 Elite Dark I carry in a waist holster and inquired if I was a cop. I informed him that I was not and he asked why I was carrying then. This opened up a doorway for me to explain Open Carry with him and hopefully educate one more fellow Kentuckian. As I was getting ready to leave, he asked if he could see the SIG and though, like all proud gun owners, I wanted to, I did not! Not really sure of the legality of that but it didn't "feel right" and so I politely explained that that could be considered bandishing the weapon and THAT is ILLEGAL!!! He seemed to understand though still stating that he didn't really agree with the concept of CCDW.

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