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Thread: Need info on carrying while I'm visiting George

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm here visiting in Moultrie, Georgia and I'll be driving home tomorrow to Va. I have my handgun and have non-resident permits from both Utah and New Hampshire so I know that I'm covered with reciprocity. I don't plan on making any stops on the way home other than for food and fuel along the highway (heading back to Va.).

    Can anyone give me a quick and dirty on Ga. laws that I need to know? I've read some code sections and its a bit confusing to me.

    ETA - I meant visiting Georgia, not visiting George
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    govt buildings off limits(including rest stops) but building in state parks are gtg for carry...... church,political rallies,bars and any other public gathering is off limits

    you can carry openly or concealed with your NH permit here in GA

    www.GeorgiaPacking.Org has gun laws in plain english just click the gun laws tab at the top of the page

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