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    I've heard it many times, but this weekend I have definately come to the conclusion that no one can protect us but ourselves. Most all of us have the preconceived notion that certain government entities, state police, local police and sheriff departments are out there to 'protect and to serve'. I'm not downing these agencies in any way. I have the upmost respect for each of them. I have breached my comfortable thinking however, to realize that these entities just cannot protect us. They cannot be at all places at all times and the waiting time seems like hours. I'm not advocating anything other than the fact that we must be prepared (regardless of what your idea of 'prepared' is) to protect ourselves. Be aware and be protective for we are our own bodyguard.

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    I don't think any advocate of self protection on this site will disagree with anything you have said.

    There are issues with being prepared though. I think, short of mandatory conscription, every American citizen should receive training in hand to hand combat, firearms handling, recognizing threats, and how to react. That may seem absurd to some, but not to me. I wish someone pushed me in high school to learn this stuff.

    I am a ham radio operator and most of us sensible radio operators understand the purpose of being prepared if a disaster strikes. In situations, such as a major hurricane or tornado or even a man made situation, we are often the only ones that can communicate so public safety and the general public rely on radio operators to help pass emergency and sometimes welfare traffic (example that comes to mind were some cables that were intentionally cut in California this year taking down all kinds of communications in the area including 911).

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    tekshogun wrote:
    every American citizen should receive training in hand to hand combat, firearms handling, recognizing threats, and how to react.
    +1, call it gym class.

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    i'm not trying to make light of a serious incident. but i'd bet that dude's terroist training handbook didn't mention that if the bomb fails you'll look like an idiot, and cook your gonads in the process. makes me extrapolate to a new threat, and i'll bet homeland security will pick up on this, or maybe i should call them and alert them; terrorists thwarted by new airport security measures will take to trying to ignite their farts. bet they come out with new guidelines at homeland security for this, and before boarding you will have to fill out a questionair about what you last ate and drank. new homeland security guideline number 106; a passenger with 2 feet of cannon fuse hanging out his butt is up to no good, and should be detained. laugh, but i bet someone at homeland is on this already. tax money well spent.

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    Nyaah. Explosive power goes with the amount of explosive, whatever its power.

    The standard quantity of stuff is the mole = Avogadro's number of molecules of a compound. At standard temperature and pressure a mole of gas occupies 22.4 liters - a MIGHTY fart, lots of stink but little energy.

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