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Thread: Real ID is now Pass ID

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    Title II of real ID has been replaced, and given real teeth to screw the citizens of states that do not bow down to this federal fiat.


    This bill seeks to set out minimum requirements for State driver’s licenses and ID cards regarding what data is included and what documentation must be presented when receiving such ID cards. In turn, it would shift a degree of authority from the State to the Federal level by prohibiting a Federal agency from accepting, for any official purposes, a State ID card unless that State it is materially compliant with this bill’s minimum requirements.

    Try buying a firearm from an FFL without Pass ID. Sorry can't sell to you because the FBI doesn't recognize your drivers license.Yes of course there is the official purposes section, but that is subject to final rulemaking, and there is a difference between official purpose and any official purpose.

    Link to the entire bill:
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    I think individual states should put up legislation to annul that stuff.

    Like, say, a bill that said

    Provides that, with the exception of identification cards issued to employees of the Department of State Police and certain other law enforcement officers, the Commonwealth will not comply with any provision of the federal REAL ID Act that it determines would compromise the economic privacy, biometric data, or biometric samples of any resident of the Commonwealth

    2009 in VA HB1587 (passed)

    Oh! Virginia did that already!
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