Remember the people posting on the Republican American website a couple of weeks ago and outraged that someone would have to carry a gun while getting a haircut? Remember it was about the guy that forgot his gun at the barbers office and was arrested for Reckless Endangerment?
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 11:04 AM EST
2 in critical condition after attack at Waterbury barber shop


WATERBURY — An 83-year-old barber and his 70-year-old customer were left in critical condition Tuesday after an attacker used a blunt object to bash them in the skull multiple times during an early morning robbery inside a barbershop on Hill Street.

Friends and customers of 83-year-old John Rosa say they were left in a state of "disbelief" after hearing of the attack on the well-known, well-liked hair cutter, who was left beaten, bloody and semi-conscious on the floor of his corner barbershop.

An undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the shop, and police are hunting for the man responsible for the attack.

"Everybody pray for him," said Rosa's wife, Elaine. "He was beaten very, very badly."

Rosa has cut hair for more than 50 years and typically opened his shop at 6 a.m. — some days even earlier.

He is known as an "old school" barber who still used a straight razor to make clean cuts on the hairlines of loyal customers, who returned to his shop even after moving from the city.

Described as warm and funny, a man who could leave you laughing after a bad day, he suffered multiple injuries to his head during an early morning attack in the same shop where he has given youngsters their first cut and maintained the thinning locks of the older generation.

Police believe a man entered Rosa's shop a bit before 8 a.m., then proceeded to assault him and his 70-year-old customer, Douglas Frink. Both men were hit in the head with an unidentified blunt object that left them with multiple injuries to their skulls.

A customer arrived for a haircut shortly after the robbery, finding the two men on the floor dazed and suffering from head wounds. The customer ran to a nearby apartment, where a neighbor called 911.

"A customer came in to get his haircut; Rosa and Frink were badly injured," said Lt. Christopher Corbett, a police spokesman. "There's an indication they resisted the robbery."

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