Sec. 22-37. Commercial and other uses.

No person with refreshments, merchandise for sale, firearms or dogs (other than dogs used to assist handicapped persons) shall be permitted to enter the cemetery or to be therein.

(Code 1988, § 12-116)

Cross references: Businesses, ch. 18.

Sec. 10-51. Tranquilizing gun authorized; killing authorized under certain conditions.

(a)The city police and humane officers shall be authorized to use a tranquilizer gun in the enforcement of this chapter. They shall be authorized to kill any dog or cat which is impractical or impossible to catch, capture or tranquilize and which is endangering any person.

(b)The animal control officer and any police officer are hereby authorized to use humane live traps or tranquilizer guns to capture any animal whose presence on private or public property constitutes a nuisance to persons. If there is a threat to the public health or the health of domestic animals, the chief of police may authorize other means to capture or destroy animals deemed to be dangerous.

(Ord. No. 3163, §§ 4(e), 24, 12-13-94)