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2.40.050 Mob action--Civil disobedience.

Rules and regulations relating to mob action or other civil disobedience in the city shall be as follows:

A.During times of public crisis resulting from disaster, rioting, catastrophe or other public emergency within the city or reasonable apprehension of immediate danger thereof, the mayor of the city, or in his or her absence the acting mayor thereof, may upon his or her own volition proclaim a state of emergency; provided, that prior to the issuance of such proclamation, the mayor, or the acting mayor in his or her absence, shall find by investigation or otherwise that because of disaster, rioting, catastrophe or other emergency condition, the public peace and safety is imperiled, that human life and property is endangered by such emergency conditions, and that the normal and ordinary processes of the state and local government are inadequate to safeguard the public peace and safety and the lives and property of the citizens of such city.

B.The proclamation of the mayor or acting mayor in his or her absence, shall recite his or her findings and shall declare a state of public emergency exists, and shall designate the boundaries of the affected area. Following such proclamation or declaration, the mayor or pro tem mayor in his or her absence may promulgate such reasonable orders, rules and regulations as he or she deems necessary to protect life and property, or to bring the emergency situation within the affected area under control, including but not limited to rules and regulations providing for the control of traffic, including public and private transportation within the affected area or any section thereof; designation of specific zones within the affected area within which occupancy and use of buildings and ingress and egress of persons and vehicles may be prohibited or regulated; control of places of amusement and assembly and of persons on public streets and thoroughfares, establishment of a curfew; control of the sale, transportation and use of alcoholic beverages, liquors and cereal malt beverages; control of the possession, sale, carrying and use of firearms, other dangerous weapons and ammunition; and control of the storage, use and transportation of explosives or inflammable materials or liquids deemed to be dangerous to public safety.

C.Such orders, rules and regulations shall be effective from the time and in the manner prescribed in such orders, rules and regulations and shall be made public as provided therein.

D.Such orders, rules and regulations may be amended, modified or rescinded from time to time by the mayor or acting mayor in his or her absence, during the pendency of the emergency, but shall cease to be in effect upon declaration of the mayor, or acting mayor in his or her absence, that the emergency no longer exists.

E.Upon proclaiming such state of emergency, the mayor or acting mayor in his or her absence, shall forthwith notify the governor of the state of his or her action and the reasons therefor.

F.Any person who shall wilfully fail or refuse to comply with the orders of the duly authorized law enforcement officers or personnel charged with the responsibility of enforcing the proclamation or declaration authorized hereunder shall be guilty of a violation of this code and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars ($200.00), or by imprisonment in the city jail for a period of not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(Prior code § 1-806)

6.16.025 Trapping.

A.Trapping and Shooting.

1.Trapping Prohibited. It is unlawful to set, trigger, activate or otherwise use, or cause to be set, triggered, activated or used, any steel-jawed, leg-hold trap, or for any person, other than animal control officers, to set or otherwise use other trapping devices including "live traps" used for the capture of any animal. Consistent with the provisions herein, the animal control division is authorized to utilize humane "live traps" and may conduct trapping operations or provide or authorize the use of such devices' use to property owners as may be needed throughout the city. This subsection is not intended to prohibit the prudent use of traps on one's own property to control rodents.

2.Domestic Animals. It is unlawful for any person to shoot a domestic animal within the corporate limits of the city. Except this subsection shall not be construed or interpreted to prohibit the animal control division from utilizing certain firearms in emergency field conditions where such actions are provided for by law or policy.

(Ord. G-1011 § 1 (part), 2007: Ord. G-1001 § 1 (part), 2007)