open carried for the first time in my local food lion, 27613 off lynn rd and 70. i walked in the left door, and i OC on my right. grabbed a cart pushed past the customer service desk where a manager was helping a customer. he looked really hard @ my firearm, but didnt say anything. i walked maybe 10-15 ft away and i heard him over the intercom ask for another manager to the service desk. i had 10 items to pick up throughout the store so i was in there maybe 10-15 min. i wasnt in a rush, but i was able to go about my normal shopping routine w/ no flack. had a short irrelevent discussion w/ the cashier and i noticed the bag boy also looking @ my firearm. didnt say anything.

i was quite nervious when he asked for another manager to the service desk as well as when it was time to confront the cashier. any suggestions to get over my nerviousness or is this to be expected when i OC?