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Thread: Repeal 18.2 308 because Federal Judge Rules Concealed Carry is Probaable Cause of Criminal Activity

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    We should have Vermont or Alaska Carry to ensure our rights are not violated here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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    Well, not so fast.

    It's helpful to see what's going on in Iowa. Let's see what happens there, first.

    Will NRA update help Iowa concealed carry bill pass?

    Competing concealed carry bills in Iowa divide gun owners

    The Good Bill

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    Yes... Virgina should join with Alaska and Vermont and becomea 'Gold-StarState'.

    Also..., I readily expect, and soon, for: Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah,Nevada,South Dakota, Colorado..., and perhaps even Washington and Oregon to join in within the next 5 to 10 years... or so.

    In the South, aside from Virginia, the only real possibility that I see that happening in this region is perhaps: either 1. Kentucky, or 2. Virginia/West Virginia.

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    I like the part about still granting resident permits SHALL ISSUE in order to maintain reciprocity agreements with other states.

    Of course, if federal law would be passed putting an end to this nonsense all of these points would be moot.
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