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Thread: few questions about open carry with cpl.

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    I recently recieved my cpl from shiawassee county (less than two weeks for finished app to gun board approval!) and I have a few questions.

    let's say I am concealed under a coat, I walk into a diner or something, can I unconceal in the diner or does it have to br one or the other before I go inside?

    also, has anyone with a cpl open carried in a bar? experiences?

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    You can go from concealed to open carry and back and forth as you wish. I have OC in a bar before never had problems.

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    If you are entering an area that is a concealed carry PFZ (pistol free zone) you will need to be OCbefore you enter.

    You're not allowed to CC into a bar (for example)then remove your jacket and OC because for that time when you are CCing you are in violation of the law. You can enter the bar OCing and keep OCing as long as the owner or agent of the owner doesn't ask you to leave.

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    Remember in an establishment that sells Alcohol, the deciding factor on whether you can CC or not is based on the the Primary source of income so lets say you go into Joes beer shack (Primary source is Alcohol), it's safe to say you cannot go in CC, but OC with a CPL is legal, but as for lets say Apple-bee's (Food) or red lobster (Food) your pretty safe.

    If your not sure about a place call ahead and ask the Owner/Manager what their revenue is.

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