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Thread: OC banner and handout sheet

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    Donations for the banner and pamphlets can be made to the paypal account (use the GIFT option):

    Here is the final banner(edited for size - quality is much better on the full size): The banner will be color printed on both sides for a cost of $151.50 to include shipping.

    and here is the handout sheet I came up with using info from this site. Its a double sided sheet that can be given out in addition to the pamphlet at the gun shows.

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    The handout is great!!! Good job to you, Trigger and Spyder for all the work that I have seen these past few weeks!

    Currently mapping locations of Shooting Areas as well as Gun Stores - Let me know what is missing!

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    Hate to say it but shoulda left the I capitol and capitolized the H. But, man it does look good. Job well done.
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