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Thread: More shootings, or more media?

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    It's seems to be, every morning when I turn on the news, I here a new story or two about a local shooting that has taken place. Are there more shootings recently or is the media just making sure to report every one of them now? Is it possible this is the media's way of helping the Anti's make their case? Pound the public and make them want to change the laws.I've recently heard of a few ex cons, a nut job, and an underaged kidshooting people, but not any of a sane, cpl holder, who legally bought a gun and used it in a crime. WTF is happining?
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    I think it is both. I think the way the 20-something generation was raised tends to lead them to blame everyone else for their problems. It's easier to get mad at someone else for everything than it is to examine a problem and try to correct it. I think they have a lot of anger and not a whole lot of ability to deal with it. Having been in the military since 1984, that's the shift I've seen in the generations. The economy is certainly fueling those fires of anger in these people.

    AND, I think once the gun violence train gets rolling, there is a lot of momentum and all the anti-gunners will jump on board and take their turn tooting the horn.

    And, also, there are just plain sicko-s out there who feel they need to upstage the whacko they just saw on the news. One cop gets shot in his car. The next guy shoots 4 in a coffee shop. The next guy lures 2 cops into an ambush.

    It does seem like Washington state legislators and Washington courts have been pretty good, so far, in seeing through it and protecting our rights to self defense. I am thankful for that. And, who knows, with the recent increase in violence, maybe some Americans will just get tired of being helpless victims and begin to realize that nobody else can provide for our protection against the criminals, we have to be given the means to be able to protect ourselves.

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