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Thread: Was Your Permit Pulled for Open Carry?

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    I know that several of you here in AL have had your permitpulled simply for open carry. I'm putting together a letter to my state representatives regarding open carry and would like to be able to cite specific instances/counties where this has happened.Would you mindto PM me with, at least, your county of residence? That would certainly help. State representative Barry Mask plans to introduce legislation in the currentsession to address open carry and I'm writing letters of support for the cause.

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    I was coming home from my fiance's house and i stopped at a gas station near the interstate in gardendale where i OC from time to time. I go in to get cough drops because i'm getting over broncitus and there is a gardendale LEO in there.

    He sees my 1911 on my hip and says "Sir! Are you a police officer?" I giggled and said no. He asked me about my gun and I said "I'm not gonna hurt anybody. I'm just here for cough drops." He came over and asked if i had a permit. I knew i didnt need it to carry but i said yes i did and gave it to him.

    Then he asked to see my weapon. I told him I'd rather not take it out of the holster because we are in the middle of a store. He asked if the serial number was on the permit and I said no. He said i should have it on there.

    I told him i didnt believe i was breaking any laws. He asked if i were a lawyer and i said no but i know the state law. He said only LEOs, security guards, and someone else could carry a gun like i was. I said i did not read anything of the sort in the state law.

    He again told me i'd need to take out my gun and unload it so he could run the serial to make sure it wasn't stolen. Like a theif was going to be carring around a pt1911 in a Desantis holster in front of a cop. I digress.. So instead of argue with him i decided to humor him so i could just get my cough drops and go because i was coughing my guts up.

    He runs the serial and i pay for my cough drops. He hands me back my weapon and says i can reload it once i'm outside. And then I left.

    I sent a letter to the mayor of gardendale about this and he forwarded it to mike walker the police chief. The police chief called me and said 13a-11-52 says i can't carry on premises not my own. I did not argue with him and did some research. I found that 13a-11-73 revises that statute. I did not file a complaint because i felt it was a waste of time as i do not believe a serious investigation would have followed

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