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Thread: Jeff Cason, candidate for district 92

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    From an email sent to Mr. Cason and his reply.

    Mr. Cason, my name is Duane Suddeth and I'm currently the vice chairman of the Texas Open Carry group. As a resident of district 92, I'd like to know your position on both the 2nd Amendment to the US Consitution as well as Art. 1 Sec 23 of the Texas State Constitution regarding our right to bear arms. As you may know, my group is pushing to restore the rights of Texas Citizens to open carry their handguns without having to pay for permission from those in the state who consider themselves our guardians.

    Do you support the unlicensed open carry of handguns by law abiding citizens of the State of Texas?

    Thank you for your time,

    His reply,

    Mr. Suddeth,
    I fully support both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions regarding the right to keep and bear arms. As a member of the legislature, if elected, I would support the right to unlicensed open carry. The key here is "if elected". I want to ask you to consider supporting my campaign and asking others to do the same. I am relying upon a true grass roots effort to put HD 92 back into true conservative hands. I can only do that with help from you and other like minded citizens. Please visit my web site for more information and don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Jeff Cason

    So, it appears we may have a candidate to support for the next state election.

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    I'm supporting him.

    I am also running for precinct chair in 3511. Euless.

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