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Thread: Are ALL the politicians criminals?

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    Yet another local NC politician gets caught with his hand in the public's "cookie jar"...

    And recently the NC ABC has been implicated in a bribery scandal:

    And the recent story of Tim Geithner instructing AIG and Goldman Sachs to hide what they were REALLY doing with the bailout money, and other illegal dealings:

    Is there no end to the corruption in our government? It's starting to look like the "talk radio conspiracy theorists" are right--the ENTIRE government IS being run by a bunch of criminal sociopaths...

    And they want us to trust them when it comes to something as important as the 2A?

    Yeah right...
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
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    Yes, they all are. It is a job requirement.

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    I won't say they all are, but there are quite a few that break the law, or at least do some very unethical things (such as the ABC guys although they may have actually broken some laws, I keep seeing it on the news and in the paper).

    Ethics is perhaps one of the biggest issues. I can't say I do or do not disagree with this, but NC ALE purchased expensive Sig rifles for ALL of their agents.

    "Why does ALE (directed by the ABC boards sometimes, hmmmm) need expensive combat rifles?" Was a very prominent question. It came up after two rifles were reported stolen right out of two agent's vehicles. Before that, NC ALE agents had M-14 rifles.

    There may be a justification for it though but it seems to go hand in hand with questionable spending from the ABC Boards.

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