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Thread: Alan Gura Strategy

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    Has anyone else noticed that Alan Gura has federal gun rights lawsuits going in several US Circuits?

    My outside view is that he will get different rulings from different circuits and will press for SCOTUS to resolve the diferences.

    A fantastic strategy for ensuring that SCOTUS will continue to take gun rights cases.

    Doesn't guarantee we will always win, but it does guarantee that we will at least get a hearing, which is already a huge victory.
    He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to see. Pancho & Lefty

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    You mean he isn't doing what some "pro-gun" organizations are doing and only fighting battles they think they can win.
    I am not anti Cop I am just pro Citizen.

    U.S. v. Minker, 350 US 179, at page 187
    "Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizens, because
    of their respect for what only appears to be a law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their
    rights, due to ignorance." (Paraphrased)

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