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Thread: Calling all DE CCW holders--Support MD HB-52!

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    Delegate Mike Smigiel (representing the Eastern Counties of MD) has proposed a bill this session in the MD Legislature that would give reciprocity to people who hold valid carry permits in DE, PA, VA and WV for carry in the state of MD.

    I STRONGLY suggest that anyone with a concelaed carry license in DE who travels to MD contact Del. Smigiel's office and voice your support. If you are good at letter writing, please consider sending him a letter in support of this bill.

    And if you are good at public speaking, consider volunteering to speak before the MD Legislature in support of this bill. The next hearing will be on Jan 26, and you can find more info on Del. Smigiel's website. (I will be making the drive from NC!)

    Come on folks, it's time to MOBILIZE!!! Let's show the folks in Annapolis that the People REALLY want this bill to become law. Let's show them that the People still have the will and the motivation to voice our opinions in the public forum, and to "bring the fight" to THEM!

    Let's show them that we believe Self Defense is still a HUMAN RIGHT, even in MD...
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    link has been posted on DELOC.ORG

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