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Thread: Urban Shooter Podcast talks about Open Carry and OCDO

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    Urban Shooter is a great podcast to listen to.

    His latest podcast talks about OCDO and Open Carry.

    Link Here:

    Podcast # 148 is the one about OCDO.

    For those in Virginia Podcast #148 also talks about Dr. Martin Luther King and the difference between being non violent and being unarmed. Relevant because of the insults hurled at VCDL members a few years ago about going to Richmond armed on lobby day (Disrespecting MLK's anti violence stand).

    I hope some of you enjoy this stuff. The song in the beginning is a bit over the top, but be patient, the good stuff starts right after the John Wayne pledge of Allegiance.
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    Great podcast indeed. Kenn Blanchard is the man.

    Go BMWAG!

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    I love his podcasts.
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    And heading to Lobby Day on MLK day again tomorrow! Hope you can attend, Thundar.
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