Below I have attached my letter to the Governor, my state Senator and Representative regarding the gun banning Senate Bill 6396. I am calling, emailing, and snail-mailing my elected representatives. I will also identify and communicate with the appropriate committee members.

Folks, contacting politicians is effective. The more communications they receive the more they worry about their re-election chances (the most important thing to any politician) if they oppose a mass of their constituents.

Multiply your own voice: To a politician if 1 person cares enough to email it means 100 people feel that way, if they care enough to call it means 1,000 people feel that way, if they care enough to write a letter it means 10,000 people feel that way.

Here is the NRA's resource to identify your own, personal Washington state politicians:

Just put your own zip code in the "Change Zip" box near the top, hit "Go", and you'll have their names and contact info.

Pick up the phone and dial and politely tell the person who picks up the phone that you strongly oppose the false 'Assault Weapon' Ban Bill, SB 6396. It will take 30 seconds of your time.

Cut & paste anything you want from my letter or write your own and email - it will take you about a minute per politico.

Cut & paste anything you want from my letter or write your own, PRINT and SIGN it, snail mail it, and in 5 minutes you magnify your opinion by thousands.

Then, email everyone you know and encourage them to do the same.

Thanks for listening, off the soap box now.

My letter:

My Politician

Representative _____,

I am writing you to express my vehement opposition to the recently introduced Senate Bill 6396, the proposed legislation that would erroneously label entire classes of privately owned firearms as “assault weapons” and ban them.

First, as you should know, an “assault weapon” is a military firearm capable of selective fire, which means it can fire in either semi-automatic or fully automatic (machine gun) mode. SB 6396 does not of course ban actual assault weapons because, as the authors of the bill are no doubt aware, any weapon capable of fully automatic fire is already severely proscribed by law.

Second, the legislation would ban hundreds of if not thousands of types of firearms simply for cosmetic or functional features that have nothing at all to do with any rational assessment of public safety. To list and give all the examples of the stupidity of this bill would take hours, but I will limit myself to pointing out that rifles with thumbhole stocks are used by benchrest shooting competitors, shotguns with adjustable stocks are commonly used by clay pigeon shooters, and the bill would ban many pump action shotguns, a shotgun type which has been around since the 1880’s.

Third, the bill demonizes any weapon capable of accepting a detachable magazine holding more than 10 rounds. Virtually any weapon that can accept a detachable magazine can also accept a magazine that is long enough to hold more than 10 rounds, therefore this would ban virtually all semi-automatic firearms. There is no possible RATIONAL public safety reason for this - the time it takes a trained person to replace a magazine, regardless of capacity, is about one half second, and about three seconds for a neophyte, so it makes no difference at all in the amount of rounds that can be expended by a shooter. This pre-supposes, of course, that a criminal or psychopath will respect the law and limit himself/herself to weapons and/or magazines of allowed capacity.

The bill is, of course, nothing but political grandstanding by the sponsors who wish to profit by the recent Lakewood police tragedy by introducing rights-restricting legislation to further their own political agendas and careers.

How many times does it need to be said: Criminals and psychopaths will not obey the law. This bill would do NOTHING but render functional, traditional firearms illegal and severely impact Washington citizens in their lawful shooting competitions, target shooting, hunting, and self defense capability.

Please do everything in your power to see that SB 6396 never passes. Be assured that I will do everything in my power, including making sizable campaign donations, to defeat any elected representative who supports this bill.