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Thread: CSU to ban ALL guns

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    It is expected that Colorado State University will be banning all guns soon, despite an overwhelming majority of the student leadership supporting concealed carry. We need to band together as best possible to oppose this, obviously knowing full well it won't matter, but...

    (and, yes, I know this is an open carry forum, but we gotta strike at all attempts to infringe!)

    Main page:
    Text of ban:
    University president's e-mail:

    It needs to be stated that, contrary to their stated reasons, lawful concealed carry will not result in the conditions stated in the first paragraph. In fact, as this is a NEW ban including concealed carry, that the situations indicated are not happening now and so the reasons are male bovine excrement.

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    Please feel free to use whatever portion of the attached document may help in the eradication of CSU's utter nonsense on this issue.
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    It appears that they just want to shove this through even though people have objected to it.

    This from their website:

    The administration previously sought and appreciates feedback from the campus and local communities regarding whether concealed-carry weapons should be allowed on campus. However, the Board of Governors made that decision in December, and a question of whether to reasonably control weapons on campus is no longer the issue at hand.

    You should read the "Position Statement created by the IACLEA" located here They don't have a clue. They make statements like
    "Another study simlulary discovered that collage student gun owners are more likely than those that do not own guns to engage in activities that put themselves and others at risk for severe or life-threatening injuries, including reckless behavior, alcohol, driving while intoxicated, and suffering an alcohol related injury."

    What a bunch of crap.

    They will definitely be receiving an email from me.
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    Let's hit them with a "snail mail" avalanche, too.

    Office of the President
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