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Thread: Lets stop TALKING...start DOING.

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    Ok, I'm asking for a show of hands. How many South Carolina Residents want open carry in this state?

    If you do, say so, ans take the only action these "people" in Colunia recognise.


    If everyone who says they want OC in SC will call their State Representative and their State Senator on monday at their office, we can get REAL OC in this state.

    The crimerate here is out of hand (not like I need to convince anyone here) and people are being killed because of restrictive gun control laws.

    Just call them,and get active.

    I do...daily.

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    As I posted in an earlier post, Gov. Mark Sanford would indeed pass this OC Bill should it ever make it to his desk. I sent mails and emails and both contained the proposed changes as per Grassroots.

    Who would be the best people to send this information to again? If someone would please give me some names I can look up for either email or regular mail, I will once again start with the emails and letters. If they have a phone, I will even try to contact them that way as well. Lets all get to work SC...time is short and I don't want this bill to die out.

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    The first cages you'll want to rattle are those of the bill sponsors as annotated near the top of of the online bill;

    Then of course you'd want to contact your ownrepresentative if they aren't on that list. Probably the most important thing you can do is talk to and convince everyone you know that this is a good bill (with changes) and get them to also contact the same people.
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