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Thread: Called the senate judiciary members

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    My rep is Jeanne Kohl-Welles and since she doesn't listen to her constituents, I called all 8 judiciary members.

    To my surprise, 6 out of the 8 were answered within a few rings. That's amazing to me, and I plan on calling from now on.

    I got "we will definitely oppose 6396" from:
    Bob McCaslin
    Mike Carrell
    James Hargrove
    Pam Roach

    I got answering machines from:
    Randy Gordon
    Debbie Regala

    I got "fine, we will add your name to the list, thanks goodbye" from my very irrational Kohl-Welles. And lastly, I was surprised to find that Adam Klines office was willing/interested in taking notes on my reasoning.

    It's worth noting that I waited until today to make these calls because I thought it would be a hassle. All together, it took me less than 6 minutes to make all 8 calls and voice my opinion. It was amazingly painless to do it and I feel great about myself as a citizen for doing it. Keep calling folks, and make sure those who are opposing the bill feel appreciated!

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    Good work. I'm busy on the phone with these guys today, too.

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    Called them and talked to them in person.

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