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    So I was listening to KFI a.m. radio a few nights ago, and tim conway jr. Had on the president of the LAPD protective leauge, talking about the release of the almost 6 thousand "low risk" felons in LA county.

    To tell you the truth, he pretty much scared the crap outta me...and all he could do was talk about the safety of the officers, who have been "stretched thin" and who's budget has be cut by "millions of dollars"

    Ok I understand, we do need officer safety.
    If the officers need more protection, what about the citizen?
    Who is gunna protect us, if the officers are not fully capable of protecting themselves, are we left to the wolves?

    I just tried to contact Mr. Weber and spoke to his secretary, she seemed like a very nice and polite lady and listend to me and took a message about me wanting to get in contact with Mr. Weber about maybe a recomendation written by him to the LAPD about a CCW application.
    She took my number and told me he would give me a call back later or by tomorrow.

    I simply wanna ask him his opinion, and inform him the facts he told over the radio concerned me and I'm sure scared more than just myself.
    And maybe see if he could pull some strings to at least get my CCW application reviewed before being denied.

    Anyone have any questions or anything maybe you think I should ask?
    I'm not as well spoken and well versed as some of you guys in the forum.... but I thought maybe this guy is a good place to start with citizen protection since he obviously recognizes the fact officers need more safety than there own Loaded Openly Carried Firearm.

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    I believe that is the same person who spoke on John & Ken last week about the 9,000 or so felonious "non violent" criminals given everlasting parole and dumped on the streets of LA City over the course of this year?

    Yeah, be sure to ask him how his cut-back LEO force is going to be able to protect us, and if they can't, why he can't endorse allowing us to protect ourselves by carrying in accordance with the law in our daily lives.
    Gun control isn't about guns -- it is about control.

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    Erase, tool thru topics and read my blast about question to Chief Beck. I heard show that night as well and was waiting for him to cover the safety of the citizens as well.

    Sooo, if any of us get to speak to LAPPL ask them about Charlie Beck's repeated comments at numerious community forums regards to constitutional policing.

    As KFI and others would say, hold their feet to the fire!


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