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Thread: OC or Pepper Spray

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    I got to wondering about other forms of self defence (nonleathal)and so looked up the state regulation regarding Pepper Spray etc.

    I found that Washington State has a state preemption for personal defence sprays similar to the preemption for Concealed Pistol Permits.

    It is RCW 9.91.160

    I thought I would put this info out for general interest.

    I was under the false "knowledge" that some jurisdictions (Peoples republic of Seattle) banned the carrying or possession of pepper spray. 'Taint so .


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    Yeah, found this out a while back, allows 14 year olds to carry spray with parental permission. Pretty sweet that it is protected like firearms.

    Been harassed by the police? Yelled at by the anti-gun neighbors? Mother doesn't approve?

    Then this is the place for you! Click here to get back at them!

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    I worked armed security in Oakland, CA for 14 years, I used alot of pepper spray. It doesn't work on really mad or adrenalin high people. I saw one incident were three officers unloaded over half thier cans into a car, and they drove off laughing. I have seen my partner empty a whole can into a samoan face that was choking a black guy to death, and he didn't stop until my partner put his 45 to his head. The samoan guy did have a allergic reaction to the pepper spray after he released the black guy, real bad reaction, closed off his airway. So you take your chances with pepper spray. I great to show a jury proper escalation of force, and that the person was really out to kill you.

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