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    Background: My name is Phil and I am the developer of an Iphone/Ipod touch application called "Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws". I'm an NRA firearms instructor/concealed carry instructor and I released this app to help not only the general public to know and abide by the varying laws from state to state, but also as a reference to ourselves as we travel around for our classes. Thus far it has been a great success and thousands of people are using it every day (even though it's not nearly as good as it soon will be).

    Help: As of yet the app only contains concealed carry laws for each state, reciprocity/reverse reciprocity maps, and transport law summaries. At the request of many people we are currently in the process of updating it with open carry laws, that's where I would love your help. To expedite the process and help me be as accurate as possible I would be extremely grateful for anyone who could summarize (or simply provide me statutory references) for any pertinent open carry laws you feel should be included in the app or that I should be aware of. It is an extremely difficult and error prone task to be undertaken alone, so that is why I am seeking your help. This is not meant to advertise the app, but simply to recruit any help that I can through this forum, I appreciate any info you feel willing to share.
    Thank you

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    I recommend linking to state statutes and sections of "Alaska Administration code" as there are shady areas which are not explored. Alaska is a young state, thus there is not enough case law to say "XXXX code is not valid", like the AAC (Alaska Administration code) restricting firearms at the Anchorage and Fairbanks international airports.

    In regards to Alaska state statutes, they're listed online. There are no prohibited places specifically to open carry. The places which firearms are restricted cover all methods of carry.

    If you do place open carry as "OK" for places which serve alcohol, which include Red Lobsters, Applebeed, etc. Make sure to mention there are no court cases to back it up in any of the courts I've searched. The statute specifies carrying a loaded firearm is prohibited in places which serve alcohol.

    There is nothing stating the carry of an unloaded firearm. I should note there are court cases in Alaska which do state where criminal behavior has ensured even though a weapon is unloaded, if the person purposely gives the intention of a firearm is loaded then the weapon is loaded in view of the legal system.

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