For those that question whether or not the NRA helps individuals with valid legal claims, I would like to state that the National Rifle Association Civil Defense fund has approved a contribution to the legal fees and expenses in the Goldberg and Kuck cases that are currently awaiting a decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

The case was heard by a three judge panel at the Second Circuit Court on September 17, 2009 and the audio of the hearing is available on the Internet.

Personally I would like to thank the NRA for their support in these very important Connecticut cases.

With the upcoming Supreme Court cases out of Chicago, every case which raises valid firearm issues is important to current and future Second Amendment issue.

If the Supreme Court rules that the Second Amendment applies to the states, cases on specific firearm issues beyond simple possession with have significant value to the overall right to bear arms in self defense.

Nocase where core firearms issues are being addressed should be overlooked,ignored or minimized becausethe day to day possession of firearms at home or on our hips needs to be established legally to prevent abuse by Government.