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Thread: gun rights in il[chicago]

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    this is of intrest i'm sure,full.story

    this is the "shot across the bow"

    i wish we all could have been the fly on the wall when Dickie, Jody, and Tommy

    saw this

    three cheers for Otis Mcdonald david and collen Lawson

    i hope the court will see the sense Alan Gura makes with this

    fraternally yours


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    Hell I can't believe your mayor.Here in Wa. we open carried firearms in a senate hearing.When an anti gunner asked the cops to disarm us they said no They are within their rights.I read a comment on this artical by a police officer that said we should ban guns nation wide .He is the type of arrogant ass that thinks only he is good enough .Guys like that should never be cops.Also we might remind him that the second amendment is to protect ourselves from people like that who would try to disarm us.Check the following this freedom should be for all law abiding citizens without restrictions...

    Or try this:

    Video at snate hearing most open carry ,notice cops leaving us alone.Show that to mayor dall by golly there was no bloodbath like they like to claim.

    At the bank....

    Gunstore down the street ...You don't need any permit to oc here.

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