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Thread: Wisconsin Carry is on Twitter

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    Wisconsin Carry now has a Twitter page. We will use this page to quickly disseminate information or actionable items to interested parties.

    By going to and searching for "wisconsincarry" you can put us on your watch/follow list which allows you to receive "tweets" that we send out. Twitter allows you to have these tweets sent directly to your cell phone as text messages.

    Direct link:

    Whats the point?

    The opportunity this provides is great. As an example with the Woodman's situation it was the quick and marked response from many people that quickly demonstrated to the company that their policy wasn't in the best interest of their business.

    By following Wisconsin Carry on twitter, when a situation like this occurs, we can quickly send out a brief "tweets" to all members/followers informing them of situations and what they can do.

    Imagine driving in your car and receiving a text message that says
    "OC'er asked to leave "store X" VP of operations confirms no-gun policy to WCI. Please call or email Mr. X VP of Operations for "store X" at 414-555-1212 or and politely ask them to change policy to respect rights of law-abiding citizens
    You could quickly place a phone call within seconds.

    The quick and marked feedback from dozens of freedom minded customers will make an effectual impression. Think of how quickly company executives would reconsider their policy if within minutes of confirming a no gun policy their company switchboard began to receive hundreds of polite calls and emails from their customers and potential customers expressing their displeasure?

    We also need your input. If you have an actionable event that Wisconsin Carry's membership would be interested in/needs to take action on, please email us and let us know so we can put it out on Twitter.

    Ex. If you are asked to leave a store while lawfully OC'ing, let us know asap so we can send out a tweet.

    Ex. If you are unlawfully harassed by law-enforcement while lawfully carrying, let us know asap.

    In Freedom

    Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
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    i would replace "imagine driving in your car and receiving a text"

    with "imagine sitting in your office or a restaurant and receiving a text".

    otherwise when you say to e-mail or call back, it overall sounds as if you actually encourage text/e-mailing while driving. LOL

    hey just being politically correct.

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    I have a problem doing anything that calls itself "tweeting"

    Just sounds wrong.
    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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    bigdaddy1 wrote:
    I have a problem doing anything that calls itself "tweeting"

    Just sounds wrong.
    i refuse to tweet, but i will bark & maybe bite... AACFI, Wisconsin / Minnesota Carry Certified. Action Pistol & Advanced Action pistol concepts + Urban Carbine course. When the entitlement Zombies begin looting, pillaging, raping, burning & killing..remember HEAD SHOTS it's the only way to kill a Zombie. Stockpile food & water now.

    Please support your local,county, state & Federal Law enforcement agencies, right ???

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