I went up to Lynden to see what they might have to offer up there. I knew it is also the show in Pew-all-up, so that being a much larger venue might have drawn a lot of tables down there.
There was plenty to look at, and it is brighter and nicer inside than my home turf, the Skagit fairgrounds.
Took a Norinco .22 ATD, the copy of the take-down Browning auto to sell/trade. Sold it less than a minute in the door. That gave me some extra cash for things I wanted to add....
Got a couple powders I have not been able to locate elsewhere, and a Bushnell 3-9 Banner scope for real cheap. There were quite a few nice irons here and there, all at typical ~too high prices. S'OK, tho, I have enough to work on now, and nothing joins the collection without some customization.

OC'd to the door, but had to clear the weapon at the door as is the custom at all gun shows. We refer to it as a "low-threat zone"

Son & grandson went, too, so it was guys' day out.

Anyone else visit one of the gun/sports shows this weekend?