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Thread: mlive person with issues on open carrier

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    tabar32 likes to blame all gun offenses on open carriers

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    Yes I have been noticing this wombat... no offense to actual wombats
    Anything I post may be my opinion and not the law... you are responsible to do your own verification.

    Blackstone (1753-1765) maintains that "the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."

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    OMG!! Taber just said one of Cabman's cabs was an accessory to the shooting by helping the shooter get away. That may damage his image in the community and his ability to make money. Maybe Cabman should sue him for Defamation of character and for loss of income. I know I will never use on of his cabs again.....Just kidding...

    But if this was reversed I wonder how many would be contacting lawyers.....just saying....
    Only two have offered their lives for you. A Soldier and Jesus....

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