Suggestions and check list for Open Carry encounters with Law Enforcement

If for any reason you are confronted by law enforcement, you should document as much informaiton as possible regarding the incident. I have taken the time to reduce to writing what I would document if it happened to me.

HERE is the list of things I'd make notes of:

First and Last Name of every involved individual

Were you alone or with others

If with others, list their names and contact info.

City of Residence or incident

County of Residence or incident

Date of actual Incident

Approximate time of incident

Approximate duration of incident

Exact Location of Incident

Describe any form of detainment or restrictions against leaving?

If detained, approximate duration ofmandatory detainment

Specific Law Enforcement Agencies Involved

Number of Government/law enforcement present

Whether anyweapons weredrawn by anyone in a tactical or defensive manner during incident

Rank and name of Senior Law Enforcement Official in charge

Any additional government or public safety resources involved

Were any members of News Media Present?

If the media was present, who notified them of the incident?

Did the incident occur on Public or privately owned property

If on private property was owner or representative present

Name of person or company that owns or controls the property

Did the event occur in the presence of uninvolved members of the public?

If possible, obtain and document the names of any civilian witnesses

Was the incident recorded with or by either audio or video equipment?

Were any surveillance cameras observed in the area surrounding the incident?