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Thread: Largest Marksmanship Event on the Planet!

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    Largest Marksmanship Event on the Planet
    World Record Attempt to be Made

    On April 17th and 18th, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association's "Project Appleseed" rifle marksmanship clinics will be in presented in more than 50 locations throughout the country for a history-making attempt at establishing a world record for the longest cumulative firing line spread over the largest land area in history - a total of 2.5 miles of firing line spread over the North American continent - from California to Florida, Texas to Minnesota, Arizona to Maine.

    It will be the biggest marksmanship event held in the history of this nation - 50+ weekend Appleseeds spread over 28 states!

    It will be the biggest and most wide-spread event to mark the history and heritage of rifle marksmanship and the role it played in our country's history, starting with the events of April 19th, 1775, a day "when Marksmanship met History, and Liberty was born..."

    The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal to make every American aware of the sacrifice of the Founding Generation so that the ideals and spirit of the American Revolution will not die out across this great land.

    During the two-day event, participants will learn the traditional rifleman skills that have saved this country in times of peril; will hear the true Story of April 19th, 1775 (which will surprise you); and will on Sunday at a specified time, fire in concert with all the other Appleseeds across the nation, a memorial salute via a series of volleys fired to honor those who sacrificed their lives on April 19, 1775 so that we might enjoy liberty.

    We expect this event to be submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records as both the "longest firing line" and the "most wide spread (continent-wide!) simultaneous shooting event" in history.

    "Project Appleseed" was developed three years ago by the RWVA to promote knowledge of the Revolutionary War to modern Americans. It is named after an American folk hero, Johnny Appleseed, who traveled the land planting apple seeds - not for himself, but so future generations of Americans could enjoy apples.

    Likewise, volunteer instructors of the Appleseed Project donate their time to travel the country and teach not only traditional rifle shooting skills, but the history and heritage that lies behind those skills.

    So that, once they've been to an Appleseed, students will be aware of the sacrifices made by our forebears, beginning on Battle Road on Wednesday, April 19th, 1775.

    They will also hear and learn
    • when and where the American Revolution was won (hint: NOT when and where you think);
    • the answer to "who fired the first shots at Lexington?" (yes, we do know!);
    • the exact spot where the Revolutionary War broke out (hint: it was not at Lexington, nor at Concord!);
    • and why we owe our freedom now to a simple skill like marksmanship.

    The record attempt begins with 8:30 AM registration/sign in. Cost is $50 for one day, $80 for both days (and a free "T"). Pre-reg at and save $5 for one day, $10 for both days. Some events are already sold out, so check at at to location and availability of spaces on the firing line.

    The RWVA encourages kids to learn their history and heritage by allowing anyone age 20 and under to attend free.

    Likewise, women of any age attend free.

    So, "Project Appleseed" is very family-friendly - only Dad pays, and Mom and the kids get in free...

    Anyone with a military ID also shoots free.

    Rifle marksmanship skills have been important in our nation's history. Like all traditions, this one included, these skills are dying out.

    Part of the reason is a lack of knowledge - and thereby, appreciation - of our history and heritage.

    The RWVA has crafted Project Appleseed to restore knowledge of an important part of our history - the events surrounding the very beginning of Liberty in our country - and to teach traditional skills which we allow to fade at our peril.

    Appleseed began three years ago, with 18 events across the nation in 2006. It expanded to 47 events in 2007; 150+ events last year; and has a goal of 300 events nationwide, this year - and a projected goal of 600 for next year.

    Appleseed is the nation's fastest growing history-teaching program - and the fastest growing rifle marksmanship program.

    It is the fastest growing because Americans are flocking to Appleseeds to learn the skills and the heritage - and liking what they find, and promoting this all-volunteer program by word-of-mouth.

    This year, we will greet the 10,000th "Appleseeder" to attend an Appleseed. If the program continues to grow at this pace, in 2012 we will greet the 100,000th Appleseeder.

    The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is headquartered in North Carolina, and may be contacted at POB 756, Ramseur, NC 27316 or on-line at The website has more information about "what to bring" and "how to prepare for Appleseed".

    The RWVA is a patriotic organization; any American who attends will be welcome. Handicapped/disabled are welcome, and we will work with you to overcome and adjust to your special needs.


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    Yeah...... We're having a 'seed at Suamico WI (Green Bay) onApril 17th and 18th also. There is another Appleseed in Spooner WI on the 17th and 18th....

    None (including Lodi) are on the 18th and 19th as the 19th is a Monday....

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