Lately, I've been seeing a few threads started asking for input on "questionable" firearms related activities. Although it has the potential to lead to accusations about people's intentions and outright hostility, I think discussing these "fishing" type threads is neccessary in our community.

My intent in starting this thread is not to throw mud and make accusations, it is merely to point out these threads as a point of discussion. Not only will this address the problem of "fishing" it may also provide the opportunity for the original posters to explain their intentions when they posted it.

I'd ask the moderators to keep an eye on the discussion and feel free to "moderate" as they see fit. My intention is not to "bash" the posters, but to point out the threads with the very similar "theme" of "Hey I (insert irresponsible act) What do you think?". If one of your threads is posted here, feel free to say, "Hey, all I meant was......."

I'll start:


I'm not accusing these authors of nefarious reasons, but I would like to point out that any, "Yeah! You da' man!" comments can readily be used against us in the court of public opinion.