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Thread: How to keep holster from sliding around?

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    Hello, i currently have a Bianchi 4584 Evader holster that has dual snap belt loops to allow putting it on or taking it off without removing my belt.

    I find that the holster slides around and constantly shifts during the day when im carrying my Browning Hipower .40.

    Im using a 5.11 TDU belt.

    Im not sure what to do to fix this issue. I was thinking that if i could get some rubber attached to the loops it might help, but would like a clean solution.

    Possibly getting a different belt might help?

    Anybody have similar experiences or a fix to the issue?


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    If you don't use that particular belt for anything but as a carry belt, you might consider mounting some adhesive-backed velcro to the front of the belt, and the back of the holster. It wont look pretty when the holster is off the belt, but if you wear it only for ccarry, then nobody will ever see the velcro anyway...

    Or maybe you could mount some adhesive-backed non-slip shelf-liner material on JUST the back of the holster. This will help keep it from moving to much, bot won't be as secure as velcro.

    It sounds like the reason it might be moving around is because your belt is too narrow for the holster loops. If you get a bigger belt, it won't move around as much. Also, thicker belts will also help. A thin belt will sag, and lets the loops slide around too much. The thicker and wider a "carry belt", the better!

    Good luck with this.
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    I have made my own belt keepers with double sided Velcro.

    Cheap, efficient and one size fits all too. Couple of bucks and a pair of scissors is all it takes.

    The LIGERâ„¢ Gun Belt grips the holster so well that it is almost impossible to move the holster after the belt is hooked. It can be awkward to hook properly because it "sticks" so good though. Fantastic belt - my favorite of my favorites.

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