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Thread: Self-defense books or DVDs for Women?

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    I'm looking to get some materials for my daughters who live in MD regarding self-defense techniques. Obviously since they live in MD, carrying for self-defense isn't possible.

    So I wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to some good books or videos fo rphysical self-defense techniques?

    Also, since they CAN own shotguns for home defense, I wondered if anyone had any books that were specifically tailored toward the female shooter.

    I'd like to hear from the WOMEN on this forum. Please, if you'v ereviewed any of the current books that are tailored toward women, let me know what you recommend (and which ones you consider a waste of money!)...

    Thanks in advance!
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    Magpul Dynamics Handgun edition is about to be released.

    Although not "women-specific", it's bound to have a lot of great information in it. Chris Costa and Travis Haley are both great, knowledgeable instructors.


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    Anything by Paxton Quigley would be right up your alley. But her thrust is more towards using a firearm for SD.

    They can own handguns in Maryland. It's just that getting a carry permit is next to impossible. Just curious. Have you tried to convince them to move out of Maryland? Depending upon what part of Maryland they are in, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are all shall issue states.

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    How about a "Refuse to be a Victim" seminar coupled with an NRA home defense class?

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