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Thread: How to win a shoot-out?

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    This Brits really really baffle me.
    Sometimes they (not all) are so goofy.

    99% of them are in absolute fear of the ownership of firearms and always spout slanted statistics and fearful talking points they read out of the left wing newspapers and TV stations.

    And they always act like they are better than the US because we are a "gun culture".
    From the many Brits that I have spoken with, they seem to have the attitude that we "yanks" are equal to Neanderthals because we believe in the basic human right of self defense.

    Yet, they have shows like this one "how to win a gun fight".

    I dont get it.....

    (I want to make it clear that Im NOT attacking our UK members. Im just speaking from MY experience with talking to many British citizens)

    "Let your gun be your constant companion during your walks" ~Thomas Jefferson

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