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Thread: Virginia Emergency Weather Prep

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    Looks like you people in Virginia are going to get slammed. In preparing for possibly a few days of lockdown, we all know to stoke up the wood stove and stock up on food and water, but is there any additional preparation recommended regarding arms, besides what we do anyway? Any special prep if you have to travel in dangerous weather?

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    I'm not going anywhere.. at least until Monday. Road clearing in Prince William County is really quite good, but I tend to value my property a bit so I am not about to put it in jeopardy by going out when I shouldn't. As far as arms, nothing different in that area.

    Just heard that they are calling for a potential of 30" of snow. I rather doubt that but one never knows.

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    Honestly I really don't see any particular need to increase my firearms preparations due to snow. When people can't move or travel, I'd say the human caused threat matrix goes way down. With nothing to do yesterday I did detail strip and clean my carry guns with little anticipation of actually needing to use them this weekend.

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