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Thread: sparks marina oc?

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    i want to take the dogs for a walk at night ( time i get off work), and i want to OC my XD, does anyone know if you can OC the loop around the marina? i know they dont want you to at the legends but isnt part of the marina go into the legends?

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    I think the marina might be considered part of a park owned by the city of Sparks. ( Sparks has a code on the books which says you cannot carry in a city park unless if you have a concealed carry permit. Our preemption laws should make them void but it might be taking a risk.

    A. Except as provided in subsection C, it is unlawful for any person to carry or wear a firearm in a city park.

    B. A "firearm" means any weapon with a caliber of .177 inches or greater from which a projectile may be propelled by means of explosive, spring, gas, air or other force.

    C. Nothing in this section prohibits the carrying or wearing of a firearm by a peace officer or the carrying of a firearm pursuant to the terms of a valid concealed weapons permit.

    (Ord. 1383 ยง 1 (part), 1983.)

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